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Tax Refund Rumble is back again for 2017 with some of the deepest discounts and pricing breaks ever!  Tax Day is April 18th so that means 8 weeks of non-stop savings!  As always, every week there will be a combo deal to bring your discounts even further. 

As part of our event, we added something a little extra to save a few more dollars.  Purchase a product from now til April 18th, write us a review (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Forums etc) and share it with us.  We will refund your purchase by $5.

ACT 5% off all ACT Products.
ADVAN Wheels 5% off all ADVAN Wheels Products.
AEM Electronics Up to 10% off all AEM Electronics Products
AEM Induction Up to 10% off all AEM Induction Products
AERO Function 5% off all AERO Function Products.
Aeromotive Up to 5% off all Aeromotive Products
aFe 10% off all aFe Products.
AIRAID Up to 10% off all AIRAID Products
Agency Power Up to 10% off all Agency Power Products
APR Performance 5% off all APR Performance Products.
ARK Performance

Up to 10% off all ARK Performance Products.

**Discount Reflected in Price.  Excludes Aero Items**

ARP Up to 10% off all ARP Products
ATS Diesel 5% off all ATS Diesel Products.
Auto Meter 5% off all Auto Meter Products.
AVO Turboworld 5% off all AVO Turboworld Products.
B&M Racing 5% off all B&M Racing Products.
BBK Performance 7% off all BBK Performance Products.
BC Racing Free Custom Spring Rates, Free Extreme Drop Kit, Free Rear Extenders on all BC Racing Products
BD Diesel 5% off all BD Diesel Products.
Belltech Up to 20% off all Belltech Products
Berk Technology 5% off all Berk Technology Products.
Bilstein Up to 10% off all Bilstein Products
Blox Racing Up to 30% off all Blox Racing Products
BorgWarner 10% off all BorgWarner Products.
Borla 5% off all Borla Products.
Brian Crower 5% off all Brian Crower Products.
Buddy Club 2% off all Buddy Club Products.
Bully Dog Up to 10% off all Bully Dog Products
Carbon Creations 5% off all Carbon Creations Products.
Center Force 5% off all Center Force Products.
Cipher Auto Up to 10% off all Cipher Auto Products
Comp Cams 5% off all Comp Cams Products.
Competition Clutch 10% off all Competition Clutch Products.
Corsa Performance Up to 10% off all Corsa Performance Products
Couture 5% off all Couture Products.
CTEK Up to 20% off all CTEK Products
Cusco 5% off all Cusco Products.
D2 Racing

5% off all D2 Racing Products.

**Free Bluetooth Controller with Purchase of Vera Elite or Vera EVO Air Management**

DBA 10% off all DBA Products.
DEFI 10% off all DEFI Products.
DiabloSport Up to 10% off all DiabloSport Products
Duraflex 5% off all Duraflex Products.
EBC 6% off all EBC Products.
Edelbrock Up to 15% off all Edelbrock Products
Edge  10% off all Edge  Products.
Eibach 10% off all Eibach Products.
Enkei Free Hub Centric Rings and Lugs with Set of 4 Wheel Purchase
Fidanza 5% off all Fidanza Products.
Fuelab 10% off all Fuelab Products.
Garrett Turbo 5% off all Garrett Turbo Products.
GFB 5% off all GFB Products.
Greddy 5% off all Greddy Products.
GrimSpeed  10% off all GrimSpeed  Products.
GSC 5% off all GSC Products.
GT HAUS 5% off all GT HAUS Products.
Hawk 10% off all Hawk Products.
Hotchkis 6% off all Hotchkis Products.
Hypertech 10% off all Hypertech Products.
Injector Dynamics Up to 10% off all Injector Dynamics Products
Innovate Motorsports 5% off all Innovate Motorsports Products.
K&N 10% off all K&N Products.
Kelford 5% off all Kelford Products.
Kook's Custom Headers Up to 5% off all Kook's Custom Headers Products
Koyo 5% off all Koyo Products.
Kraftwerks Up to 6% off all Kraftwerks Products
Ksport 7% off all Ksport Products.
KW Suspensions 5% off all KW Suspensions Products.
Magnaflow 15% off all Magnaflow Products.
MBRP 10% off all MBRP Products.
McLeod Racing 10% off all McLeod Racing Products.
Megan Racing Coilovers 5% off all Megan Racing Coilovers Products.
Mishimoto 7% off all Mishimoto Products.
Motordyne Exhausts $25 off all Motordyne Exhaust Components.
Motordyne Spacers 5% off all Motordyne Spacers Products.
Motul 8% off all Motul Products.
Optima Batteries 10% off all Optima Batteries Products.
OS Giken 5% off all OS Giken Products.
Painless Performance 5% off all Painless Performance Products.
Perrin Perfromance  10% off all Perrin Perfromance  Products.
Perrin Perfromance  Turbo Kits 2% off all Perrin Perfromance  Turbo Kits Products.
PIAA 10% off all PIAA Products.
PPE Enginerring 5% off all PPE Enginerring Products.
Progress Technology 5% off all Progress Technology Products.
Project Kics 6% off all Project Kics Products.
Project Mu 5% off all Project Mu Products.
Prothane 5% off all Prothane Products.
Putco 5% off all Putco Products.
Race Ramps 4% off all Race Ramps Products.
RaceQuip 5% off all RaceQuip Products.
Radium Engineering 7% off all Radium Engineering Products.
RHS 5% off all RHS Products.
Rigid Industries 25% off all Rigid Industries Products.
Royal Purple 15% off all Royal Purple Products.
RS-R 10% off all RS-R Products.
Russell 5% off all Russell Products.
Samco Sport 6% off all Samco Sport Products.
SCT 10% off all SCT Products.
Seibon Carbon 5% off all Seibon Carbon Products.
Shuriken 5% off all Shuriken Products.
Skunk 2 10% off all Skunk 2 Products.
Snow Performance 10% off all Snow Performance Products.
Sonax 10% off all Sonax Products.
Southbend Clutch 5% off all Southbend Clutch Products.
SPAL 10% off all SPAL Products.
Sparco 10% off all Sparco Products.
SPC Performance 5% off all SPC Performance Products.
Spec Clutch Up to 10% off all Spec Clutch Products
SPL 5% off all SPL Products.
STACK 10% off all STACK Products.
STANCE 5% off all STANCE Products.
Stoptech 5% off all Stoptech Products.
Supertech 5% off all Supertech Products.
Synapse 5% off all Synapse Products.
Takeda 10% off all Takeda Products.
Tanabe Springs 10% off all Tanabe Springs Products.
Tanabe Coilovers 5% off all Tanabe Coilovers Products.
Tanabe Exhaust  5% off all Tanabe Exhaust  Products.
Technafit 10% off all Technafit Products.
Tein Springs & Coilovers 5% off all Tein Springs & Coilovers Products.
Thermal R&D 5% off all Thermal R&D Products.
Tial 5% off all Tial Products.
Tokico 7% off all Tokico Products.
Tomei 5% off all Tomei Products.
Torque Solutions 5% off all Torque Solutions Products.

5% off all Truhart Products.

**Free Bluetooth Controller with Purchase of Vera Elite or Vera EVO Air Management**

TurboXS 2% off all TurboXS Products.
Turbonetics 7% off all Turbonetics Products.
Turbosmart 7% off all Turbosmart Products.
Unorthodox Racing 5% off all Unorthodox Racing Products.
Vaero  5% off all Vaero  Products.
Vibrant 7% off all Vibrant Products.
VIS Racing $100 off on Shipping Two or More Items.
Volant 5% off all Volant Products.
Volk Racing 7% off all Volk Racing Products.
Voodoo Racing 5% off all Voodoo Racing Products.
Vossen 10% off all Vossen Products.
Walbro 5% off all Walbro Products.
WASPcam 5% off all WASPcam Products.
Weapon R 10% off all Weapon R Products.
WeatherTech 15% off all WeatherTech Products.
Wheel Mate 10% off all Wheel Mate Products.
Whiteline 7% off all Whiteline Products.
Wilwood 4% off all Wilwood Products.
Wiseco 6% off all Wiseco Products.
Work Wheels 3% off all Work Wheels Products.
XS Power 5% off all XS Power Products.
Zex 5% off all Zex Products.

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